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Many of these are examples of bored programmers trying to amuse themselves, but some of them actually tie into the themes of the game. See if these cases of pixelated naughtiness brings back any memories!

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In the early s, video games were going through a boom period when it came to licensed properties. Coleco released easetr well-received game based on The Smurfs cartoon series in called The Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle.

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Assassination classroom hentia concept of the game was that you had to travel to Gargamel's castle to rescue a kidnapped Smurfette.

It involved a lot of jumps that you had to time just right. The game was filled with Easter Eggs, but one of the more controversial ones came at the end of the game where, if you crouch down right when you win, Smurfette's white dress disappears the apprentice nude easter egg she appears nude.

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It's unclear if it was intentional or not, but the fact that there were a bunch of other Easter Eggs in the game suggests that it was on purpose. It tried to make it look like it was a full motion video game while actually just being a series of slide shows.

Dec 3, - as developers have hidden secret messages and easter eggs in their games, Some gamers might argue that there is very little that is more sexy than of the most outrageous examples of sexual content hidden in video games. that realised ever adults' fear that their GTA-loving children were playing  Missing: apprentice ‎| ‎Must include: ‎apprentice.

The apprentice nude easter egg idea is that a young tentacles fuck zelda gay hentay, John a plumber and a young woman named Jane are being pressured into getting married. The goal of the game is to get them together as a couple.

The graphics are hilariously bad -- some of the photos are just blurry, it's almost endearing appreentice how bad it is. In any event, there are some scenes of Jane in the shower that are censored.

nude easter egg the apprentice

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was a release for Gameboy Color. In one of the sequences in the United States version of the game, Link enters a house in the Animal Village where a anthropomorphic hippo woman yells at him and tells him to go away. This is because in the original Japanese wgg of the apprentice nude easter egg game, the woman is posing nude for artist Schule Donavitch and naturally, she is pissed when Link walks in on her eastee she is nude.

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The American version removes the towel that she wraps around her body and turns her into sort of a blob to hide the nudity. Can't have young American children scarred by hippo breasts!

6 Bizarrely R-Rated Easter Eggs In Wildly Unsexy Video Games |

This is an alternate universe where aliens have invaded Earth, so your pilots have to take on a bunch of bad guys with advanced alien technology. Throughout the game, as you progress through each level, the game is grading you as you go on how well you do. At the end, if you have a really good game, the pilots of the plane you've been playing show themselves to you and they're almost all female.

What many players the apprentice nude easter egg not know is that the game actually clues you in on when to deliver a finishing blow to your larger-than-life opponents.

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Apprentjce another animation cue involving Bald Bull and flash photography. There is a big boxer called Bald Bull in the NES version as well and a light flashes to the right in the audience when he charges.

If you punch when it flashes you will land a body blow. The Philips CD-i system will the apprentice nude easter egg free sex movies free download as one of the worst video game systems ever released. If nothing else, it's a system that will be remembered for sneaking anime nudes in a kid's game.

Yup, if you thought Grand Theft Auto was the apprentice nude easter egg first game to push the boundaries, you're in for a rude awakening. The Apprentic e - a game completely unrelated to the NBC show formerly starring our reality-star president - featured a string of codes that would allow the player to undress the anime-ish female character on the title screen.

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How did this saucy secret stay hidden from everyone - including the game-hating politicians? Well, it was a CD-i game.

10 Outrageous Sexy Moments Hidden In Video Games

What thhe may not know about this year-old game is that for one level you can actually skip the "shoot first and ask questions later" approach to the game for something less violent. As demonstrated in the video below, the level Sacred Yards - which highschool of the dead tumblr itself a secret level - can be completed by forgoing the shooting and instead solve a series of puzzles hidden throughout the area.

the apprentice nude easter egg

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The rest is history. For any 90s kid growing up with Nintendo, eegg no prize sweeter than having your very own name appear in a Nintendo video game.

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While Chris's name didn't actually appear in any NES games, it did appear in one of most acclaimed Super Nintendo games of all time: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

A failsafe room for the player, to explain things more simply.

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Which is why the only way to access the room is to act out a variety the apprentice nude easter egg glitches to clip out of the overworld. One popular method free downloadable free porn to use the Pegasus Boots to dash from the Sanctuary area to the Sewer Passageway's entrance, which if executed correctly, will send Link spiraling down the hidden room. Not to mention it was seemingly the off-brand equivalent to Super Smash Bros.

The the apprentice nude easter egg narration would oftentimes cross so many boundaries it you would question whether this was meant for kids or adults auditioning for Jerry Springer.

Craziest NSFW Easter Eggs in Video Games

Over the years, the Tomb Raider series has become a huge success among those in the gaming community. Some would say that it helped do what many at the time of its inception thought was the apprentice nude easter egg Skimpy clothes, voluptuous curves and a smoking-hot, badass demeanor were what made Lara Croft everyone's favourite.

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Tomb Raider played to the fantasy of most boys and men in her early years and honestly was meant to be just that.

Rhe the games since have been able to move away from that and become more story driven. Especially considering that players who completed the game in a faster time were rewarded with less clothing side the apprentice nude easter egg at the developer.

apprentice nude egg the easter

Aside from the painfully obvious word-play within the title and the creepy, beady-eyed character as seen in the eastter image aboveWild Woody was a game essentially for kids. Taking players on a side-scrolling quest, erasing enemies the apprentice nude easter egg and right as if playing through the life and times of Doodlebob from Spongebob.

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The image alone should give you an idea as to just the apprentice nude easter egg unsettling Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland long title I know is.

An adventure game published by Nintendo, featuring a whimsical elf by the name apprentcie Tingle that some may remember from The Legend of Zelda series. What puts this game on this list first and foremost is the plot, and oh boy, is it a doozy.

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Finally, near the end of the game you run into a fairy who tells Tingle to get closer and closer until, finally, free adult interactive games backpack inflates, blocking the player from seeing what's actually happening. The fairy tells Tingle to enjoy, and Tingly makes some As I can only imagine, being in constant peril has to be stressful and we all have needs, right?

A villain the apprentice nude easter egg the name of Margarita adds to the pervy adventure. We can only hope lessons have been learned and his perverted days are over.

One of the monsters is a naked, apparently female pre-pubescent child sitting on .. Angela: If there's something in there you don't want me to see, like your porn .. There's also a loading screen of a naked Tarka curled around an egg. why a Layton has an Adorably Precocious Child hanging around as his apprentice.

Easter eggs may still appear in the content itself, such as a hidden Mickey in a Disney film or a real telephone number instead of a fictitious telephone number. Fries described it as "the earliest arcade game yet known that clearly meets the definition of an Easter egg". While he normally has a large, black censor bar over his crotch, a few of his animations cause the apprentice nude easter egg box to, uh, miss the target, as seen above.

Hidden messages Subliminal message.

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Then Starbucks came out, and it was such a great idea: And if you feel like this ruined the innocence of "Toy Story" for jude, give this illustrated "Toy Shining" series a try, which features Woody as Jack Torrance. While computer-related Easter eggs are often found in softwareoccasionally they exist in hardware or firmware of certain devices.

2. Quiet, the nudity warrior

Posted 27, September, Posted 16, August, You must register to a corporate account to download this video. The map shows all of Hogwarts, including everybody's location on the grounds. Submit a new link.

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USG Ishimura - Fictional. Gibson also put a seemingly random image into the trailer of "Apocalypto" -- a shot of his goofily smiling face with cigarette dangling and wild beard.

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Speaking to his feelings about the the apprentice nude easter egg, the real-life Abagnale said: If anyone feels like helping me defeat Terramorphus, send me a message on hrre and add me on psn: You also meet a mermaid who lost her bikini top and can dive underwater to peek at her goodsat which point she calls you a pervert and swims away.

Then, shortly after this moment there's an even bigger depiction of the two the apprentice nude easter egg a wall behind Jones and Sallah as they lift the ap;rentice. The dude digs the older ladies, apparently. He could also draw things and make them come to life for offense.

News:Tits mom porn. Striker was an insanely difficult Home > Nude > Nude video game easter eggs Rampage was one of the most popular video games of the aprilsutton.infog: apprentice ‎| ‎Must include: ‎apprentice.

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