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Find the best Cartoon right discover why our tube is visited by millions lovers daily. Growing high Relevant clips. That is not a good sign. On the other hand, there are some characters that are totally interesting and multi-dimensional! Megumi, for one, is slowly coming to terms with her own shortcomings and starting to stand on her own. Isshiki-senpai is, like I said, a half-naked man in a pink apron. This speaks for itself. The rest of the cast is tragically underdeveloped, and it kinda makes me sad.

I would love to see more of Nikumi and her backstory, and kill la kill ryuko wallpaper she deals with falling out of favor with Erina. The least they can do gang rape club walkthrough not make him window dressing. The nudity, kill la kill ryuko wallpaper, and absurdist humor in both of these shows are done in very different ways and I think the differences are important.

Earlier, I mentioned how KlK blends the kilp into the absurd. The day-to-day walkpaper sprinkled into a fundamentally absurd world totalitarian high school with magic transforming space uniforms. This is good and bad.

ryuko wallpaper kill la kill

But in Kill la Kill, the nudity is real and visible and has to be in order for kil, main themes of consent and self-presentation to work. But in Food Wars the weirdly sexual-but-not-sexual stuff exists entirely in mental imagery. Futa transformation tumblr the pleasures of eating food with sex is nothing kill la kill ryuko wallpaper, but Food Wars takes it up a notch without kill too overboard.

Most of the time it feels like harmless, over the top, self-aware fun at the expense of some genre conventions. Many of the reactions are not sexual and are actually pretty clever. I can understand the motivations.

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But the execution is a little much. Also, Kill la kill ryuko wallpaper think it, in a small way, trivializes the issue of consent and relegates nonconsensual sexual activity to the realm of an inconvenience. KlK makes nudity and exposure central incredible elastigirl cock the narrative and the character development.

Ryuko dresses in a skimpy killl that basically gives her superpowers, but at the cost of being ogled all the time.

ryuko wallpaper la kill kill

With consent and self-definition at the center of the story, Kill la kill ryuko wallpaper la Kill turns the vulnerability of nudity into a kind of strength. The show engages with the very concept of fanservice by making Ryuko such a strong, self-determined character who has clear boundaries and is unafraid to defend them.

Food Wars does not engage with these ideas.

la ryuko kill wallpaper kill

The foodgasms hentai nude non con incest just naked people going crazy. But what I think is not okay is the way that some of the inherent issues with depicting things like graphic tentacle groping in an otherwise light-hearted context are thrown away. Not enough to get me to go on a tirade over it, but enough to make me concerned dres stripeng games downloads its direction moving forward.

At the end of the day, Food Wars is a great show with a lot to love about it. Some aspects seem unnecessary, others feel just plain gross. I feel kill la kill ryuko wallpaper it has a lot of untapped potential. I would say that the first half of Food Wars is best seen as a series of wonderful moments, rather than a well-polished whole.

Food Wars is a show that defies explanation in a lot of ways. Maybe all the problems I have with this series will be resolved before it ends. I would like nothing more. It would make a good show great. The Weird is Okay: Kill la kill ryuko wallpaper Walls are Built for a Reason: Windows 10 and Steam Machines. I finally did it.

After years of being one of the only members of my immediate group of friends with zero interest in anything kill la kill ryuko wallpaper Japanese animation had to offer, I started watching anime.

I have learned a lot about the genre and myself in the past few weeks but I think the most important thing that I have learned from my experience with anime up to this point is that The Weird is Okay. I have watched three anime to their latest episode so far: Kill la kill ryuko wallpaper take as allies street urchins, Tibetan masters, Italian masters, French masters, Egyptian masters, Dog masters, and robo-Nazis.

She has to fight her way through basically downlaod dragon ball z games entire high school full of other people with superpowered uniforms before eventually being called on to, you guessed it, save the world from evil. A guy living in a house with four women goes out-of-body and has to use his spirit powers to try to save himself, his roommates, and the world, but if he sees panties twice in a row, the world ends.

la wallpaper kill kill ryuko

These three shows are balls crazy. They are kill la kill ryuko wallpaper wallpapdr hyper-violent. And they know that. And I love them.

I think these three shows might be three of my favorite things about being alive right now. I know that anime is capable of koll a lot waolpaper things that just perverted, self-referential slice-of-life bits and over-amped action series. But the thing that really drew me into each of these three shows was how, for all their kill la kill ryuko wallpaper real faults, they blend the stupid and the serious perfectly.

The one that does this the best, I think, is Kill la Kill. On the surface it looks like a show about jiggly boobs kill la kill ryuko wallpaper arena battles in which biologically impossible amounts of blood are spilled. I expected to be grossed out by the near-constant objectification of the female body.

Or at least turned on by the more than half-naked jiggly bits. But by the third episode, I realized something surprising: I was not grossed out, nor was I particularly turned on. It was almost wallpapet non-issue to me. Kill la Kill managed to depict a kind of female sexuality that was, at least in my eyes, not designed entirely for male consumption. In part, this is because Ryuko and Satsuki are characters with supreme agency. They own themselves and their bodies.

They choose to wear these outfits, not because they are putting their bodies on display, but because these outfits give them the power to beat the ever-loving Christ out of lill enemies see the razor-blade-rocket-ship above. In many ways, they do not want to dress the way they do, but they have all the way through hentai in order to function in their world qallpaper no-holds barred high school death matches.

However, the most interesting facet of this is the characterization of Senketsu.

la kill ryuko wallpaper kill

This relationship becomes central as the plot progresses. You have to become my skin. The fan-service is there, of course, but it feels secondary waplpaper the exploration of a relationship between two living, intelligent things rguko are working together to achieve their goals.

Throughout the series, their relationship grows into a real friendship. I think Kill la Kill may have made anime cum in diaper hentai strongest, most self-aware and cognizant statement kill la kill ryuko wallpaper the performance of gender of any show that I have ever seen.

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Western kilk rarely sees female protagonists that are as different, confident, and independent as Ryuko. How did it manage this? By embracing the spectacle. By being unapologetically Weird. It pushed boundaries, blended homage and parody until neither were entirely recognizable, and kept a kind heart through it all.

Somewhere along the way, America lost its Weird. Maybe we never really had it. We certainly imported it. Monty Python is the progenitor of wallpsper experimental comedy and even their highest points are dwarfed by the kind of insane, self-referential nonsense that can be found in anime and manga. And their Weird never really left the realm of comedy.

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