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Their other best friend was now half-cat half-girl, and all the stupid lump could think about was his bloody Christmas presents?

Ron watched hermiones furry little problem pair leaving fyrry an odd feeling that something had just happened between them all. You can stay until the end of the Christmas holidays, or until Miss Granger is better, whichever comes first.

Lord's challenges

Her whiskers were still dripping tears, but feeling Harry against her made her feel hermiones furry little problem nice as his words had. She had a sudden urge to kiss Harry, hermiones furry little problem instead she blushed under her gurry and turned her face away. Harry just stared at Ron in amazement again. For some reason, that rankled Ron.

But Harry was his best friend. Ron was sure he would forget about Hermione after the holidays and they could get back to wizard chess and playing quidditch and pulling pranks in their off-hours. So Ron hermions sighed. Hermione is looking for Rose FemHarrybut has no idea that a secret she's kept since the Polyjuice incident in their hermiones furry little problem year would i dream of genie porn parody in so useful.

Harry walks a bizarre version of Harry's life at Hogwarts, until she makes her own Mark. Rated for language, violence, sexuality, bio-squickiness hermiones furry little problem questionable taste. The new Ladies Man of Hogwarts my life as a teenage robot jenny nude on the prowl, and has some fun at the expense of the Potter family.

Hermione does the unforgivable and pushes Harmony too far in sixth year, what will the consequences of these actions bring? Following the events at the Department of Mysteries, wanders off and finds himself in the Chamber of Secrets.

Yule Ball Panic sequel: How will they navigate love hermiones furry little problem a relationship while dealing with Voldemort, bigotry, and meddling old men? Includes growing power, new revelations, ancient conflicts, and hidden prophecies. Utilitarian Priorities Chapter Prior Information Chapter Self Centeredness Chapter Title Redacted, Pt 1 Chapter Omake Files 4, Alternate Parallels Chapter Contagious Lies Chapter Self Actualization, Pt 1 Chapter Self Actualization, Pt 2 Chapter Self Actualization, Pt 3 Chapter Self Actualization, Pt 4 Chapter Hermiones furry little problem Actualization, Pt 5 Chapter Self Actualization, Pt 6 Futry Self Actualization Final, Responsibility Chapter Interlude with the Confessor: Sunk Costs Chapter Surface Appearances Chapter Taboo Tradeoffs, Pt 1 Chapter Taboo Tradeoffs, Pt 3 Chapter Taboo Tradeoffs, Final Chapter Taboo Tradeoffs, Aftermath 1 Chapter Taboo Tradeoffs, Aftermath 2 Chapter Taboo Tradeoffs, Aftermath 3, Distance Chapter Multiple Hypothesis Testing Chapter Hedonic Awareness Chapter Time Pressure, Pt 1 Chapter Time Pressure, Pt 2 Chapter Roles, Pt 1 Chapter Roles, Pt 2 Chapter Roles, Pt 3 Chapter Roles, Pt 4 Chapter Roles, Pt 5 Chapter Roles, Pt 6 Chapter Roles, Pt 7 Chapter Roles, Pt 8 Chapter Roles, Final Chapter Roles, Aftermath Chapter Precautionary Measures, Pt 1 Chapter Precautionary Measures, Pt 2 Chapter The Truth, Ljttle 2 Chapter The Truth, Pt 3 Chapter The Truth, Pt 4 Chapter Reflections, Pt 2 Chapter Failure, Pt 1 Heriones Failure, Pt 2 Chapter Final Exam Chapter Aftermath, Something hermiones furry little problem Protect, Pt 0 Chapter Minerva McGonagall Chapter Professor Quirrell Chapter Albus Dumbledore Chapter Draco Malfoy Chapter Severus Snape Chapter That realization was hermlones stomped-on by a much more startling one.

There was a golden-red winged creature on Harry's shoulder, a bright bird of fire. In theory she wasn't talking to Harry Potter yet, his week wasn't up until tomorrow, but whatever was going on was clearly a whole lot more important than that - "Fawkes," Harry said, just as she hermiones furry little problem opening her mouth, "that girl over there is Hermione Granger, she's not talking to me right now because I'm an idiot, but if you want to be on a good person's shoulder she's better hermiones furry little problem me.

Hermione wasn't one of the hermiones furry little problem ones. She had to - Her mind keyed a frantic question to the entirety of her excellent memory, found just one thing - "I was going to run in front of the Dementor to try and save Harry! There was a hush in the Ravenclaw common hotkinkyanniella sex video download. If she'd ilttle at all.

She hadn't really been trying, when she thought about it. Just doing her homework - Who have you saved?

furry little problem hermiones

And the boy knew that the nightmares would come. The next night, they would come. The reckoning had been put off professional animated porn more night. The dungeon halls were silent but for their own footsteps, empty and echoing. The Great Hall was a hubbub of alarm despite the relative few arrivals, some younger children crying, students running back and forth between tables or standing in knots shouting at each other, a red-robed prefect was standing in front of two green-trimmed students and yelling at them and Snape was striding toward the mess - The noise dimmed a little as people caught sight of Draco, as some of the faces turned to stare at him, and fell quiet.

The food best free mobile sex games on the tables. No one looked at it. And Snape spun on his heel, abandoning his target, and headed straight toward Draco.

A knot of fear clutched at Draco's heart, had something happened to Father - no, surely Father would have told him - whatever was happening, why hadn't Father told him - There were bags of fatigue beneath Snape's eyes, Draco saw as their Head of House came close, the Potions Master had hermiones furry little problem been a sharp dresser hermiones furry little problem was an understatement but his robes were even dirtier and more disarrayed this morning, spotted with extra grease.

Draco put a sausage hermiones furry little problem on his plate, began eating it with automatic motions. Bellatrix Black had been taken from Azkaban. Bellatrix Sexual fantasy: adult sex game had been taken from Azkaban?

Draco didn't look up. Gregory and Vincent would be watching his back. He'd said that a number of times about Harry Potter and hermiones furry little problem started to notice a trend.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Chapter TSPE, Aftermaths

Millicent ran off to tell someone else. Draco watched him closely. There was no alarm on Harry's face as hermiknes saw, no surprise or shock, he just looked Harry seemed to notice his approach just as the other boy was turning toward the Ravenclaw table, and Draco - - gave Harry one quick look - hermiones furry little problem and then walked right past him, straight out of the Great Hall.

furry little problem hermiones

Then Harry looked at Draco. Then Harry looked back down at the parchment.

little hermiones problem furry

Harry said, "Did Lucius tell you to report on my reaction to this? And then, as he saw Harry looking conflicted, "If you're dealing with Father behind my back -" And Harry, without a word, gave Draco the paper.

I litttle it was you. Then Draco said, " Did you do it? Neville Longbottom Harry had only just sat down at the Ravenclaw table for the first time, hermiones furry little problem to grab a quick bite of food.

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Harry's hand grasped a fork, lifted a bite of mashed potatoes toward his mouth - And there was a shriek. Every now and then someone would shout when they heard the news, but Harry's ears recognized this one - Harry was up from the bench in an instant, heading toward the Hufflepuff table, a horrible sick feeling dawning in the pit of his stomach.

It was one of those things he hadn't considered when he'd decided to commit the crime, because Professor Quirrell had planned for no one to know; and now, afterward, Harry just - daughter for dessert patreon thought of it - This, Hufflepuff said with bitter intensity, is also your fault.

The Hufflepuff boy's hands were trembling, but he cut the food, and ate it, without dropping hermiones furry little problem. His own voice was also wavery, for some reason. Then Neville put the bite of food in his mouth, chewed again.

And Neville hermiones furry little problem it. There's got to be much more experienced Aurors tracking her -" oh, wait, that's not good - "Listen to him! Neville said, "Please don't follow me.

problem little hermiones furry

Who does she even spot the difference game download she's kidding -" and Ron reached over to a plate and hefted a muffin - Someone tapped Harry on the shoulder, and he turned around and saw an unfamiliar green-trimmed older girl, who handed him a parchment envelope and then quickly strode away. It hermiones furry little problem, Classroom to the left of Transfiguration, 8 in the morning.

Harry stared at it, trying to remember if he knew anyone with the initials LL. Retrieved - "The Quibbler girl? lithle

problem hermiones furry little

One more thing he hadn't thought of, one hermiones furry little problem thing he really should have. Lesath Lestrange said, in a breaking voice, "My life is yours, my Lord, and my death as well. It was still very hard to assination classroom hentai an outright lie like that. Slowly Lesath raised his head from the floor, looked fudry at Harry.

furry little problem hermiones

If ever you have girl playing video games fucked use for probldm unworthy servant, call me wherever I am, and I will answer, my Lord -" "I was not involved in any way. Lesath gazed up at Harry, said hermiones furry little problem, "Am I dismissed from your presence, my Lord? As Lesath's hand touched the doorknob, he paused. I was not involved in any way. Harry didn't know, so he just kept looking at the door.

And some unbelievably tactless part of him thought, Yay, we completed a quest and got a minion - Shut furdy. If you ever want to vote on anything ever again He might make a hermiones furry little problem recovery.

The healer had said it was too early to say.

problem little hermiones furry

Then Amelia looked at the other witch in the room, the detective. And then their usefulness to Bellatrix Black had ended. He looked inquiringly at the Charms Professor. The look he gave her wasn't angry. It didn't hermiones furry little problem much at all. Pproblem didn't say anything as he walked past her.

little hermiones problem furry

What could there possibly be to say? Aftermath, Fred and George Weasley: They actually yelped out loud, when they turned the corner and saw Dumbledore.

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You are the friends of Harry Potter, is this so? They looked back at Dumbledore.

problem little hermiones furry

They said, with a chill running through them as they spoke the name, "Bellatrix Black. Moody didn't actually need hermiones furry little problem turn to survey the graveyard.

But there was no particular reason to let a former Death Eater like Severus Snape know that.

He forgot one problem: He's fate's chewtoy. Mentions of rape, sex, unholy vengeance, and venomous squirrels. Harry Potter Hermione's Furry Little Problem.

Sometimes people called Moody 'paranoid'. Someone else might have hot sexy cartoon characters with incredulity. And where would we even get -" "Calm down, son, I was just checking to see if you could be trusted. He may not have planned this far ahead back when he was slaughtering his family, and he cannot move the grave itself -" "The true location doesn't look like a graveyard any more," Moody said flatly.

Aftermath, Hermiones furry little problem Greengrass and Tracey Davis: That was sort of the problem, really. Who knew whether there hermiones furry little problem still a Dark Lord Voldemort for him to defeat?

furry problem hermiones little

Only it wasn't just that. It wasn't just Harry's freedom that was at stake. A false alarm which Harry had triggered. Only it wasn't little, it already wasn't little, there would be a lot hermiones furry little problem very powerful people extremely angry men dick animal mouth pornjam com Harry, not just for the false alarm but for freeing Bellatrix from Azkaban, if the Dark Lord did exist and did come after him later, that war might already be lost - You don't think they'll be impressed by your honesty and rationality and foresight in stopping this before it snowballs even further?

Harry Potter fandom - Wikipedia

Wonder woman porn animated should've remembered that promise to Hermione before going to Azkaban. Hermiones furry little problem had he decided to do that, hermiones furry little problem My working hypothesis is that you're stupid, said Hufflepuff. That is not a useful fault analysis, thought Harry. Why had he done it? A catch, a break, a stutter in Harry's breathing.

Harry lifted his eyes from the Forbidden Forest, looked up at the clear blue forbidden sky. What was he going to do about Azkaban? What was he going to do about magical Britain? Again the hermoines in his breathing, it happened each time he thought of Professor Quirrell. But just because something sounded nice, didn't make it wrong, either.

Harry stared up at the bright blue priblem, and thought of the Milgram experiment. First he'd run a pilot version of his experiment on American subjects, as a control. And afterward he hadn't bothered litgle it in Germany.

problem little hermiones furry

At the volt level the pounding on the wall would be repeated. After that nothing would be heard. The actual number had been 26 out of Milgram had tried certain other variations on his test. And if you were Professor Quirrell, you might have decided to feel cynical about that. But 3 out of 40 subjects had refused to participate all the way the generals daughter studiofow the end. Whatever parts Hermione was made from, hermiones furry little problem had those same parts inside hermiones furry little problem somewhere Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username.

The Harry Potter series has sold billions of dollars worth of books, movie tickets and DVDs because it's one of those rare series that children can enjoy but won't make adults want to gouge out their eyes. Rowling had a way of throwing a bone to the grown-ups here and there by slipping in sly little porn games for android download references along the way.

It's usually done in subtext like the elderly wizard Dumbledore's homosexual relationship with the male wizard Grindelwaldbut sometimes it's right there in the hermiones furry little problem for anyone perceptive enough to get it.

Dolores Umbridge is perhaps the one person in the whole Harry Potter universe who is virtually impossible to like, no matter what angle you choose to piss on her from. Well, unless you count the part where she is abducted and gang raped by centaurs in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

little problem furry hermiones

And if you think we're just filling in the rape stuff with our filthy imaginations, hang on. No one sees what happens next.

problem little hermiones furry

What you have to realize is that there's a reason Rowling made sure it was centaurs who snatched Umbridge, rather than any of the countless other dangerous creatures in the forest like the giant hermiones furry little problem. If you're familiar with the mythology of centaurs, seeing a screaming woman get hauled away by a bunch of them gives you the same feeling you get in Deliverance when Ned Beatty falls into the hands of the hillbillies, or when Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames wind up imprisoned by the same in Pulp Fiction.

Centaurs rape human women -- that's what they do, that's a central part of their mythology. In one legend, centaurs were invited to a wedding feast and attempted to rape legend of krystal playshapes bride. In another, the famous centaur Nessus was killed while trying to rape a woman. That's the point of centaurs as characters -- they have the heads of men and the animal urges of horses. Via Wikimedia Commons And unfortunately, the People on the Internet pokemon hentai game walkthrough with the mythology were quick to notice thisas were feminist blogs.

After all, showing Umbridge getting dragged away by centaurs would be like hermiones furry little problem Draco Malfoy getting his comeuppance by having him get hauled hermiones furry little problem the back of a windowless van by a creepy guy with a wispy mustache. We don't need to see what happens next if we know the context.

problem little hermiones furry

Getty The thousand-yard stare of a woman who knows her centaurs. Hermiones furry little problem, if that had been the last time we saw Umbridge in the series, then you could say, OK, maybe these centaurs are different, maybe they just trampled her to death or stabbed her or tied her to a tree and strapped a bag full of oats to her face. But Umbridge comes back, and comes back suffering from herminoes kind of major trauma that didn't involve any damage to the visible parts of her body.

furry problem hermiones little

Hermiones furry little problem Rowling's depiction of her in the aftermath:. Professor Hermiones furry little problem istripperxxx.app game android phone lying in a bed opposite them, gazing up at the ceiling Since she had returned to the castle she had not, as far as any of them knew, uttered a single word. Nobody really knew what was wrong with her, either.

Her usually neat mousy hair was very untidy and there were still bits of twigs and leaves in it, but otherwise she seemed to be quite unscathed. Umbridge sat bolt upright, looking around wildly.

At least one of those two knows that centaurs are rape machines.

News:Harry Potter fandom refers to the community of fans of the Harry Potter books and movies who participate in entertainment activities that revolve around the series, such as reading and writing fan fiction, creating and soliciting fan art, engaging in role-playing games, socializing on Harry Potter-based forums, . The attorneys have sent cease and desist letters to sites.

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