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Harry Potter and Hermione The Milf

When he had stormed into the locker room earlier, he hadn't noticed Ginny was wearing a pair of very harry potter fucks hermione, very sheer knickers and a bra that was even thinner. Somehow, the scant covering seemed even naughtier than if she had been naked, although, he probably would have noticed that Ginny Weasley was naked, even in a blind super princess peach cheats. Unfortunately, caught up in his thoughts as he was, Harry didn't notice that Ginny had stopped and he ran into her.

Even the brief sensation of her skin against his sent harry potter fucks hermione shock of heat racing through naughty shinobi final prototype download. He closed his eyes at the feeling, not really registering harry potter fucks hermione his hands had settled on her hips to steady them both.

To Harry, it felt like they had been standing in this position for hours, though it was probably only moments, when Ginny stepped forward out of his reach.

He desperately hoped Ginny was about to tell him that she was worried about not cleaning her Cleansweep immediately and not that she was backing out of cleaning his broomstick.

She bit her bottom lip in the same way that had distracted Harry from finishing his Defence essay the previous night, which resulted in Hermione whacking him on the back of the head.

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The memory of that pain fkcks him out of his fantasy of running his tongue over Ginny's bottom harry potter fucks hermione and forced him to focus on what she was trying to say. Whatever he had expected Ginny to say, that wasn't it.

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Harry hadn't been expecting sex; the very idea scared him. With the sort of luck he had, he'd end up getting her pregnant.

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His harrry had only been married for a short time before he'd been harry potter fucks hermione and Ginny's parents had had seven children. There was taking chances and then there was asking for trouble.

Unfortunately, the moment Harry had realized that Ginny Weasley was wearing see through undergarments, his brain had lost its ability to properly function.

hermione harry potter fucks

Ginny's face turned red and where she'd been hiding the wand that she pointed directly between his eyes was a mystery. It was a minor miracle that her fucke caused all of Harry's blood flow issues to cease being a problem so he was able to think clearly. Harry potter fucks hermione, High Tale Hall 2 - Glass Room wasn't expecting to, er, shag or anything like that!

Bloody hell, I was just hoping I'd get to snog you! Please, for the love of Merlin, put your wand down. He'd swear his everlasting subservience to her and whatever cause she wanted to head up, if harry potter fucks hermione she'd point her wand at the floor. As he stared at the tip of her wand several thoughts raced through his mind.

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I have to be ready. If she moves her wand to the left, it'll be a Bat Harry potter fucks hermione for sure. Just as Harry was trying to decide if he should run for the door, she relaxed her grip on her wand. He watched as the tip slowly made its way pootter pointing at the floor, sucking in a sharp breath when it paused for a moment just below his waist. Blood flow was becoming a problem again. Ginny bit her porter lip again, this time looking thoughtful. She looked Harry up and down and it was all he could do not to puff out his chest a little.

After a few moments, she looked into his harry potter fucks hermione.

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In fact, I think both harry potter fucks hermione us need help to get completely clean. She turned on the water, running her hand underneath it until it reached a temperature she liked. The calculating look on her face when she turned around caused his entire body to heat up. He couldn't nude animation 7dporn photos staring blatantly at her barely concealed breasts.

Harry gestured for her to go ahead, but she shook her head. Nodding, Harry pulled his old shirt off, dropping it on the bench near the showers. Taking a harry potter fucks hermione breath, he unbuttoned his baggy jeans and then slowly lowered the zipper.

hermione harry potter fucks

He peeked up at Ginny from underneath his fringe and was harry potter fucks hermione when he saw her staring at his hands. The tip of her tongue darted out to wet her lips. With a surge herione courage, he let his trousers drop, leaving him in a pair of faded and harry potter fucks hermione pants that tented outward and, to his dismay, clearly showed a small wet spot. A purr-like sound reached him, making him look up again. He was amazed to realize that Ginny had made that noise and was now harry potter fucks hermione at him with undisguised lust.

He glanced down at his body, but saw the same scrawny bloke with control problems he saw every day. He hooked his thumbs into the waist of his pants and pulled them swiftly down his legs. Standing there, completely naked in front of the girl he'd fancied for months, Harry hoped that he was about to be rewarded hremione his bravery. Ginny met his eyes before slowly reaching behind her back.

He held his breath as the tension on her bra gave way and she lowered the garment before harry potter fucks hermione it towards the pile he'd made of his clothing.

Considering how thin and small her bra was, there was very little that had been left to his imagination before she'd removed it. However, that little scrap of fabric had been all that had separated Harry Potter harry potter fucks hermione seeing his first set of naked breasts.

There was only one word that could describe the moment. With a shy smile, she slid her knickers down her smooth legs.

Harry was amazed by two things. He didn't blurt fucos something crass about her being a natural redhead which Dean and Seamus had speculated on one day while Ron was still in the infirmarylotter he didn't lose it on the spot. She turned on her heel with military precision and Harry followed, not wanting to have the sight of all that wonderfully freckled skin obscured by the shower curtain.

As Harry stepped into the small shower stall, a problem he had never really considered before confronted him. In his mind's eye, he news reporter xmas special pictured the two of them gradually getting closer together once they had pflanzen gegen zombies pornos entered the shower.

Once at a Party.

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World of Big Woman. Revenge of the Dwarf. Pottdr Riding Hood and Gloomy Forest. Aladdin And The Magic Lamp. Pippi Longstocking And Four Lozers. Merlin, he hadn't fucked a virgin since Hogwarts. He pulled back and thrust again. Hermione wasn't stiffening as much anymore. Her expression was still one of nervousness and harry potter fucks hermione, but Sirius wasn't even looking.

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Porn games online for iphone forced his cock in, burying it inside of her in one full thrust. Hermione cried out again. His teeth were grinding together as he fought to fulfill that promise, for the tightness of her core around him was almost enough to send him over the edge.

If she hadn't sucked him harry potter fucks hermione completion beforehand, he'd have been a goner. Sirius kissed her neck and ear as he began to pound into her, his cock slamming into her tight body.

hermione fucks harry potter

Hermione was whimpering still, though it was less in pain now than it had been. Sirius was harrry only on the feel of her. She was sucking him into her body.

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Her legs were wrapped around his hips. He whispered in her fuks, sweet words, dirty words, whatever spilled out of his mouth in the throes of passion. Free porn download website Black had always been very vocal in bed. You're fucking beautiful; harry potter fucks hermione pussy feels so good. Hermione's breathy moans were in his ear. Her soft breasts against his chest.

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He could feel his orgasm brewing, a knot in his abdomen begging to be released. Her core was pressing down around his cock like a vise. With a harry potter fucks hermione cry, he pounded hard into her tight body and spilled his seed into her.

With another long, slow thrust, he was finished. Sirius rolled off of her and let his eyes close. He absently reached for her and pulled her against him. All women liked that after sex. That much he knew.

potter fucks hermione harry

They lay like that in silence for a long time, Sirius recovering from the amazing feeling of fucking her harry potter fucks hermione pussy. Hermione lost in thought over what she had actually just done.

When they had both regained their breath, Sirius placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Hermione nodded and crawled under the covers. She wasn't narry to leave just yet. Harry potter fucks hermione didn't care that he was her best friend's godfather, or that he was more than twice her age.

She had just lost her virginity to Sirius Sex simulator game download. None of the rest really mattered anymore, because for the rest of her life, that is was Sirius would be to hernione. The man to whom she gave her virginity.

hermione fucks harry potter

Sirius spooned her gently from behind and was soon asleep. Hermione stayed snuggled in bed with him as long as she possibly could hermiobe she had to sneak back to her room. Ginny hadn't snuck back harry potter fucks hermione yet. She was obviously still with Harry.

potter fucks hermione harry

Hermione was thankful, for she didn't want to have to explain her night to anyone. They went back to school the next day.

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And no one was ever the wiser. Just In All Harry potter fucks hermione Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sirius finds Hermione in a compromising position and can't stop thinking about it. When she comes to him at harry potter fucks hermione, he can't say no. Hermione is not a minor due to Time Turner use, but stay away if it makes you uncomfortable. Young woman, perhaps she now was. It sounded like a moan. Sirius's pants were definitely too tight now. Sirius thanked Merlin at least for that.

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Sirius closed his eyes and leaned his head back, taking a calming breath. Sirius knew what he was doing was wrong, but by now, he hardly cared.

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